Strawberry Season is Upon Us – Meet our Local Grower

Strawberry season is upon us and we thought you’d like to meet our local grower. Chang Saetern arrived in the United States from Laos twenty years ago to pursue the American Dream.  This year marks his tenth anniversary working this particular field with his wife and four children (who he is quick to tell us are all in college now!)

Chang says his favorite thing about farming is the quiet, contemplative nature of the work. While many strawberry farmers leave their plants in the ground for two years, Chang and his family replant every year.  “The berries are larger, sweeter, and more beautiful in color that way,” he says.

Berries are picked all day long and arrive at our stand twice a day to ensure that Rodin’s patrons receive only the freshest, most luscious berries from Chang and his remarkable strawberry farm.

Chang’s favorite way to eat the berries is fresh off the plant. We love them that way, too, but think you may enjoy a couple of fun recipes as well. Check back soon for some creative ways to use these mouthwatering treats all summer long for your family and friends.

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